About Us

Otegamemorial.com, which was founded in 1998[2] and is based in the United States, holds the title of being the largest commercial provider of internet memorials anywhere in the world. The website offers obituaries and memorials for more than seventy percent of all of the people who have passed away in the United States of America.  Otegamemorial.com serves as the online host for obituaries for more than three quarters of the top 100 newspapers in circulation in the United States. These publications have the biggest readership.  Since the website attracts more than 30 million unique users on a monthly basis, it is consistently ranked among the top 40 most popular websites across the entire world in terms of the volume of traffic it receives. [4]

The vast majority of the obituaries that are hosted on Otegamemorial.com’s website include a guestbook that visitors from all walks of life are welcome to sign and leave comments in.  This makes it possible for anybody who has access to the Internet to pay their respects to a person whose obituary is printed in one of the newspapers that Otegamemorial.com associates with or is self-published on the Otegamemorial.com website. At this time, the company reads through more than one million entries in the guestbook on a monthly basis to ensure that the comments are appropriate and polite to people who are particularly close to the family. It appears that around seventy-five percent of all guestbooks have had new entries added to them. As of the year 2016, the number of guestbook entries on the company website was getting dangerously close to the landmark of 100 million.