Evelyn Real Missing, Kirklevington Park Lexington KY: Help Locate Missing Evelyn Real

Evelyn Real Missing – Please. Nobody has seen or heard anything about this child in a very long time. Rest certain that not only we, but also everyone else who is acquainted with her, holds her in the highest esteem possible. Not only do we, but also everyone else who knows her. We ask that you take our reassurances in regard to this situation. There had been no reports of Evelyn Real being seen since the 5th of February, which was a Sunday, according to the reports. When people last saw you, it was roughly 5:03 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, and you were walking through Kirklevington Park at the time. Her hair was put into a grey pre-wrap, and she was wearing a navy blue sweatshirt from Bryan station, grey pants, and a navy rucksack.

Her hair was tucked into a grey pre-wrap. Her tresses were swept back and secured in place with a headband. In addition to that, a gray pre-wrap was applied to her hair in order to pull it back into place. With the assistance of a gray pre-wrap, her hair was pushed back behind her ears in the traditional style. Regarding the person who has disappeared without a trace, a missing person’s complaint has been filed with the appropriate authorities. You are urged to get in touch with the authorities at the following number, which is 859-258-3600, in the event that you have any information or leads that you believe may be significant to the investigation.

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