Kaitlyn Easson Missing – In order to increase the likelihood of locating the child, the search for him has been expanded to encompass the entire hamlet of Galashiels. The child was last seen in Galashiels on Sunday. When, on Monday afternoon, the police claimed that they began to concern for her well-being since she had not shown up for work, she had not shown up for work for a period of twenty-four hours at that point.

She had not shown up for work for a period of twenty-four hours. After some time had passed, about 22:30 local time, the Police Scotland made the announcement that she had been located. The law enforcement agency expressed gratitude to the general public for helping to spread the news about its numerous requests and thanked them for their assistance.

The youngster was last seen on Sunday, July 15, at approximately 17:45 local time near the Galashiels Transport Interchange, which is located close to the center of the town. No more sightings of the child have been reported since that time. After ten minutes, an additional probable sighting was reported to the police on Melrose Road, which is the road that she would have taken to get home if she had made it home. The occurrence of this sighting was claimed to have taken place by the police.

On Monday, extra search operations were cranked up in an effort to locate the missing person, and specialized teams were sent in to assist in the search. The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, mountain rescue teams, and police divers were also part of these squads. In addition to that, a helicopter was also involved. As part of the search efforts that were being carried out, members of the general public volunteered their time during the hours of darkness to assist with tasks like as searching along the bank of the River Tweed. The Chief Superintendent, Catriona Paton, was quoted as saying that her evaluation of the response from the community was that it was “very favorable.”

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